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These nights, Covenant politics in London are mainly focused on the Invictus and Ordo Dracul, the overwhelmingly dominant factions within the city.


The Square Mile is ruled by Lord Randall Channing, the Regent of Lucius rather than Lord Mayor in his own right. The Covenant retains an iron grip over its traditional territory, but there are increasing numbers who choose not to make their home within the Square Mile, and Invictus in London are no longer dominated by the Amelianu line.

Ordo Dracul

The presence of both Lisette and Anouska for many years led to London becoming an important centre for the Ordo Dracul. They are the most populous covenant in London, though the political might of the Invictus means that they generally maintain more influence over secular political matters. The Ordo are an important balancing voice, however, and a major power within the domain.

Lancea Sanctum

The Lancea Sanctum's influence within London has been declining for several centuries, to the point where they have only a small representation of kindred in the domain. Lorenzo de Montefeltro, the Bishop of Spitalfields, is the most influential remaining member of the covenant, but this aged kindred spends less and less time at court, and in his absence the Lancea Sanctum are almost completely marginal.

Circle of the Crone

For centuries the Circle of the Crone had no representation in London at all, but the decline of the Lancea Sanctum was mirrored by a slight rise in their influence. Most members of the Circle choose to make their primary residence in the domain of Southwark, south of the River Thames. They visit London regularly, and a small handful of covenant members have chosen to reside in London itself. With some noticable defections and several new faces, their political influence is on the raise.

Carthian Movement

The Carthian Movement has been growing in size for several months and now has several significant members in the city, Notably an Alderman of the city and the Seneschal of the city


Unaligned kindred probably make up a larger proportion of London's population than would be the case in most domains. Indeed, in 2005 they held an eminent position, though a number of these kindred joined covenants, they still hold numbers to sometimes rival the Invictus. The influence of the unaligned as a group has waned over time, particularly with Lucius falling into torpor and Les Tis Bon Anges spending more time in Camden.

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